A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A simple checkers game that was made for a uni assignment. My first game ever made with Unity



Undo/Redo buttons do not work. When player has won the game, there is no replay function unfortunately. Player must close and restart game if they wish to play again :(

This game was made with heavy assistance from the youtube channel N3K EN. Link to tutorials series:  

Install instructions

To my knowledge, all that is required is to download the game/zip folder and run/double click on the CheckersBuild.exe file, which will then tell you to extract the folder to a specified location.

From there when it comes to playing the game, set the resolution ratio to 800x600 (personally it's the best resolution for this game) and remeber to check the "Windowed" checker box. This allows you to simply click the "X" located on the top right of the window, to exit the game.


Checkers-Game.zip 13 MB

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